Trusted, Legal, and Certified

Mr. Bath is licensed by the state of Connecticut as a legal home improvement contractor.  First and foremost, this means that our company is recognized by the state and must follow all the regulations and rules that entails.  To keep this license is to keep the trust of the state.  Secondly, this means that we carry insurance for all the work we and our subcontractors perform, and that we only perform work that we are legally allowed.  

  • A home improvement contractor must follow the laws and regulations put forth by the state of Connecticut that are in place to protect the homeowner from any wrongdoing.
  • In the state of Connecticut, plumbing and electrical work can only be performed legally by a licensed electrician or plumber.  We have used the same plumber and electrician for many years, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of their work.


  • Lead abatement/Renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) certification:  Lead can be found in almost every material in an older home and can effect almost every organ in the human body.  During a renovation it is our duty to ensure it is not disturbed, or it must be removed or encapsulated as per state regulations for lead abatement.  Lead is not a laughing matter, and we take every precaution to find and remove it during our projects.
  • CTEF:  The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) provides education and installer certification for professionals working in the ceramic tile and stone industry.  The CTEF Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program is the only third-party assessment of installer skill and knowledge which is recognized by the tile industry.  
    • Randy Welp has taken the CTI tile certification exam and is recognized by the CTEF as a certified tile installer (CTI).  The CTI exam is a grueling day long process that consists of a written examination, and a practical test.  In the practical test you have to build a shower installation from subfloor up, and from start to finish.  
  • OSHA 30 hour certified:  This certification instructs workers and employers on recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety hazards in the workplace.  It includes information on worker's rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.  It covers everything from fire safety to fall protection.  
  • TCNA member:  TCNA is a trade association representing manufacturers of ceramic tile, tile installation materials, tile equipment, raw materials, and other tile-related products.  Established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America (TCA), it became the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) in 2003, reflecting its membership expansion to all of North America.  The Tile Council is recognized for its leadership role in facilitating the development of North American and international industry quality standards to benefit tile consumers. Additionally, TCNA regularly conducts independent research and product testing, works with regulatory, trade, and other government agencies, offers professional training, and publishes installation guidelines, tile standards, economic reports, and promotional literature.  
  • Schluter innovation workshops part 1 and 2:  The Schluter bathroom products are our method of waterproofing and securing the longevity of our bathroom projects.  We have gone to their multi-part and multi-day training seminars to learn the intricacies of their products.